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We want to help our customers create beautiful and functional living spaces to enhance their lifestyles. We provide our customers with complete satisfaction in the work we do and the product that we provide.

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We only use top tier materials and trained qualified workers.


Our solid business understanding combined with a wide array of skills within design.


We believe the relationship between builder and customer must be transparent and honest.


Our best projects start and end with satisfaction of the customer and the builder.

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My husband and I recently bought our first home and wanted to do some major renovations before moving in. After speaking to many people The Stellan Group was by far the most professional, & qualified for the job. They were able to help us take out all the popcorn ceiling we had, smooth out the walls, renovate the entire kitchen with a sleek modern design, redo all of the lighting work throughout the home, install our beautiful solid wood doors, renovate both of our bathrooms completely (which by the way was a complex design), custom make all of our closets and install our beautiful 48x48 new porcelain tile floors. Lastly they also helped us repaint the entire home and finish repairing all of the last estetic details for the home to be perfect.

I am happy I decided to work with the Stellan Group as they are the most transparent, trustworthy, kind, experienced and punctual company in Miami. I admit, my home renovation was complex but The Stellan Group were able to manage it perfectly and get the job done. If you’re thinking of renovating any part of your home, do yourself the biggest favor and call the Stellan Group.
Valeria Pino
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The Stellan Group team did a wonderful job repainting my textured walls in a very short window of time due to the scheduling of our move-in date. They were very accommodating to all my requests, including removing all the door handles I was going to switch out before painting. They also meticulously protected my newly refinished floors- not a single stray splash of paint was detected in the whole house. Overall a very positive experience.

This is a trustworthy group of super kind people and an *excellent* choice for painters in Miami.
Melissa Prieto